Introduction of SIOS Coati

Hello, this is Numanoi from SIOS Coati Development Team. From now on, our team members going to introduce Coati’s Services, technologies used and behind-the-scenes stories of the development in this blog by turns.  Today, I’m going to talk about what SIOS Coati is.

So, what is SIOS Coati?

SIOS Coati is:

A service that monitors applications run on EC2 instances of AWS and recover them when a failure occurs.


Coati monitors services of the system and application running on Linux and Windows servers at fixed intervals, and restores them automatically when they are down due to a failure.

Why you will be happy when using SIOS Coati?

Short downtime is essential for business system and services.

Therefore, when a failure occurs, operators may be:

  • Wakened up in the middle of the night; or 
  • Told to go back to the office while they were having fun drinking on the weekend and work all night to restore the service.

Yes…I had gone through all these…

SIOS Coati can monitor the behavior of the services at fixed intervals, and… 

Recovery them automatically if a failure occurs.

So, even if a failure occurs,

  • You can sleep until morning. Rather, you can go back to sleep again!
  • You can drink until morning. But, the domestic problems resulting from it are out of scope of SIOS Coati’s restoration.

In other words, SIOS Coati is A*T Security in the system operation world! Please consider the implementation of SIOS Coati.


It’s 100% advertisement. Yes, I’m a developer. I will talk about technical side of Coati next time.

Thank you!